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Air cell Moisure Loss

Humidity plays an important part during incubation of eggs one may use a wet bulb or hygrometer. Wet bulb temp should be about 82*-84*F although one may need to tweek the temp and or humidity up/down. Each bator may react a bit different depending on the evironment in your area. I find the most effective way to determine moisture loss during incubation is done by tossing out that wet bulb and looking at the size of the air cell when one candles the egg instead. To determine if your humidity is good take a look at the drawing below. Copy, size it to your eggs, print and put it where ever you candle for handy ref. Compare your eggs to it when you candle on day 7, 14, and 25 (23 for bantams). After a few incubations you'll know just what to look for.

If the air cell is too large, there's not enough humidity. To increase humidity: Add more water, a damp sponge or mist. Low humidity can cause ducklings to stick to the shell while trying to hatch. If the air cell is too small, there's too much humidity. To decrease humidity: Open up the vents. Too much humidity will weaken ducklings to where they won't have the strength to pip out, they may even drownd.

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For chickens it's the same only days of cell size are different.

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