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Bumble Foot

No matter how well we care for our birds, bumble foot can be a thorn in the duck keepers side. Knowing what causes it can help head off this illness before it becomes a problem.

Possible Causes:

Ducks feet are tender walking on hard surfaces (concrete, packed dirt, gravel, wire floor cages) may result in the pads being bruised. Sharp objects (rocks, thorns, slivers) my get embedded or cut in the foot. Diet lacking in Vit A or biotin.

Correction:Remove causes if possible to avoid future occurance. Provide clean fresh water for bathing to keep pads from drying, Feed greens high in vit A and biotin (any dark green leafy lettuce, rabbit pellets, alfalfa) Biotin may be binded if bird has eaten raw eggs.

Bumbles that are infected, lance with a razor and sqeeze out pus/cottage cheese. Dress with antibiotic cream daily. Provide water for soaking feet. House on soft bedding until healed. Bumbles that are not infected are hard like a corn we may get. No need to lance it however, rubbing a moisturizer on the foot may help them heal faster.

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