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Wooden Box Candler

Resource from U.I.U.C Urban exstension

*** Materials


  1. Cut four pieces 8 inches long from the 1 by 6 board.

  2. Drill a 1 inch hole in one of the pieces.

  3. Bevel the edge of the hole.

  4. Nail the four 8-inch pieces together as shown.

  5. Cut the remaining piece of board to fit inside the candling box as a bottom.

  6. Before nailing the bottom piece in place, screw the porcelain socket to the center of this piece.

  7. Wire socket with extension cord and then nail bottom in place.

  8. Drill a hold in back of the candler for extension cord, and wire male plug to cord after feeding the cord through the hole as shown in figure above.

  9. Nail two small cleats to the 6 3/8 inch by 6 3/8 inch plywood. This piece will act as a removable top that will be held in place by the cleats.

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