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How to clip your birds wing feathers.

This is best done with 2 people. One to hold the bird and the other to clip. Use sharp sissors. Round up and catch the bird. Eliminate some of the stress by covering the fowls head with a towel. Clip about 5 of the primary flights off one wing.

Best time to clip is right after a molt when all feathers are fully grown out. Clipping does not hurt when done properly, it's like cutting your nails. Look for blood feathers among the wing plumage as you do not want to cut them. Clipping will need to be done each year as the cut feathers are replaced when they molt.

For a perminate grounding...pinoning is what you'd may rather do, here's a good how to PINION page.

A variation to pinioning by Neil see Flight Operation

Two ways to clip the wing:

The wing streched out

Clip only one wing...

Also called the "beauty clip, Clip only one wing...

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