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Mixing Feed

How to mix feed when protein % is too high.

A=grain %? parts of wheat
B= protein desired
C= feed % ? parts of feed

Fill in the spaces:
-A is the protein % of the grain you will use to mix with your feed
-B is the desired protein % you want your final mix to be
-C is the protein % of your feed

To make a 16% feed mixing a 24% protein feed and wheat which is 10% protein.

10% protein (wheat)? parts of wheat
16% protein desired
24% protein feed? parts of feed

Subtract the smaller number from the larger on each diagonal 16-10=6 and 24-16=8

10% protein (wheat)8 parts wheat
16% protein desired
24% protein feed6 parts of feed

Now, divide the parts of each by the total number of parts and multiply by 100.
8 parts + 6 parts= 14 total parts

6 divided by 14 = .428 X 100= 42.8 round up 43 (feed needed)
8 divided by 14 = .571 X 100= 57.1 round down 57 (wheat needed)

Mix 43 parts (cups) of 24% protein feed and 57 parts (cups) of 10% protein wheat to get a 16% feed. Doesn't have to be long as ratio is 43:57

One may mix to any desired % by replacing the 16% with with the amount of protein one wished to produce. There are various grains one may use to mix with. Get the protein % of the grain to determine if it will be suitable.
Sample few listed:


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