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Poultry Genetics for the Nonprofessional

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Part I is an introduction to elementary genetics.

Contents of Part I (Click here or on the line above for Part I) :

A) DNA, genes and chromosomes

B) Generation notation (P, F1, F2...)

C) Homo / Hetero / Hemi - zygous...genotype and phenotype

D) How to predict the outcomes of breeding events for non-sex-linked and sex-linked traits

E) Linkage

F) Inbreeding

G) Gametes, meiosis, mitosis

Part II is a discussion of basic poultry genetics.

Contents of Part II (Click here or on the line above for Part II):

A) The sex of your chicks

B) The sex ratio of baby chicks

C) Feather sexing baby chicks

D) How to breed for a trait for sexing day-old chicks:

E) Lethal genes

F) Genetics of ear lobe color

G) Genetics of eggshell color

H) Genetics of comb type

I) Genetics of shank/feet color

J) Genetics of feather color

K) The influence of one versus two genes for a trait

L) Genetics of patterns

M) A fun exercise

N) Partial genotypes of common breeds

A companion to Part II is the  Tripod photo album, which contains drawings and photos of plumage patterns.

Part III (click here) is a table of chicken genes with comments of interest.  Also, there are the beginnings of a glossary at the end of Part III.

Part IV: Turkey Genetics

Part V: Domestic and Muscovy Duck Genetics

Part VI: Ring-necked Pheasant Genetics

Part VII: Guinea Fowl Genetics

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