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Quackers Home

This house can be one open house or partitioned into up to 4 areas if needed. Photo's show split into 2 areas. Can hold upto 10 large (rouen size) or about 15 or so bantam (mallard) for night sleeping only. Height of house varies from inside low of 2.5 to high of 3 foot.

Dog house lookin area. This can be partitioned off from the other areas with wire or ply wood wall. Since this was a duck tractor at one time it was designed to be mobil. If I were to re-build this section it would not have a wire floor. It would be a dirt floor like the rest of the house. It's put together too solid to tear the bottom apart at this point. I use this area for brooding incubator babies after 1 week old. Light fixture can be attached to inside peak of roof. I also use this area to introduce new ducks. Up to 2 large or 3 small ducks can sleep in here comfy when the wall is up. Height is 3 foot from floor to roof peak.. it'd be another foot if I removed the wire floor.

This is the back area which is along the wood fence. It can be partitioned off into 2 areas if needed. As shown it is partioned off from the front portion with wire anda small plywood wall. The plywood wall is the side of the nest area. At present mom and babies are using this area and the dog house area combined. Can hold 4-5 large ducks when walls are up. Height is about 3 foot

Front/right side. This area has 1 nest to the left. Is the main dining room when open to rest of house. Can be partitioned into 2 rooms if needed, though I never do. height is about 3 foot at highest point.

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