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Incubator User Comments for Jamesway


The Jamesway (very old, no literature available for it) keeps the temperature exactly at 99.5F (unbelievable). The only problem is in humidity control. It's always a guess. The incubator hold about 300 large eggs and I have never set that many, so it is always a gamble. Have had successful hatches though.

I have a Jamesway 252.

It has a capacity of 2520 chicken eggs.  They quit making them in the mid-70's.

It cost me $600 in excellent working condition although the paint is kinda rough its serial number is 4.

I would Highly reccommend it to the person just above the hobby level.

I have used it for two years now and I mix everything from cornish cross to geese to gamebirds. My hatch on shipped in eggs runs about 90% after candling. I run it all season non-stop. You can pull out each tray to hatch and then clean. The environment inside is very precise. Without a digital thermometer you would never be able to tell that the temp moved at all.

NOTE from web matser: These older incubators can be found in news paper adds, poultry/farm magazines, and on line auctions. I have see some older incubators at Ebay auction.

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