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Incubator User Comments for Smart Brand

I have no photo or company link. Have it ? Please send it to me so I can add it to this page.

I have a Smart brand incubator, locally made in Australia. Best thing I ever bought.

It's a timber cabinet type, with a fan and a brilliant thermostat that keeps the temp. spot on.

The eggs are turned manually by push/pulling a wire rack that the eggs sit in, I find it easy to do 3 times a day, before and after work and again before going to bed.

It has two trays & each holds 48 duck eggs, but the best thing is that you can have eggs at different stages, by using the bottom tray for hatching.

It has a large tray for water in the bottom, I don't use a hygrometer of any sort, I just candle the eggs regularly to keep an eye on the size of the air cell, and add extra bowls of water accordingly, if necessary.

I started out with a polystyrene, still air incubator, the temperature fluctuated enormously especially with hot or cold weather, and for best results it needed to be kept in a room with a very constant even temperature.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to make sure you have an accurate thermometer!!!!


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