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Hello and Thank You for stopping in. This place is for anyone interested in ducks. Come on in, slip into some boots and take a walk through the Quackers Home.

Due to size, efficiency, and adaptability, poultry are the most popular small stock raised by backyard farmers. Chickens are the most common fowl kept. However, I believe that ducks are the most practical and best bird. Ducks have unique abilities to utilize foodstuffs that go unharvested, control insects, slugs, snails and unwanted aquatic plants (mine eat wanted plants too), thrive under harsh conditions with limited shelter, resist diseases and parasites, and produce food efficiently. On top of all that they are clowns and make a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Ducks have some important features that one may want to take note of. Just like us, ducks have personalities and each duck has its own little habits. There are some behavior patterns which should be understood if your going to do a good job raising them. Choosing the right bird is important. Don't assume a duck is a duck and get the first Quacker you see. Getting to know basic breed characteristics, attributes and weaknesses will help you get the type of duck you will enjoy. Once you have decided what kind of duck you want, it's time to get some Quackers 4 U. Should you get hatching eggs, day olds, or mature birds, and how many. Now you have your ducks and must take care of them properly and reap the rewards of your work. You will enjoy many happy hours of fun and entertainment with your pet. Have some fresh eggs for breakfast from your egg breed cook up a tasty roast from the meat breed, have some natural hatched baby ducklings of your own from a bantam breed, or get it all from a general purpose breed.

I enjoy the antics of my small, city dwelling, flock: Buff (buff duck), Fred (mallard drake), Wilma (mallard duck), Anrez (cayuga drake), Blue Belle (swedish blue duck), Brownie (khaki campbell duck) and Jewel (east indie duck) and Dee Bee (pekin duck) my newest addtion.

Here are my city Quackers..... LOOK

and some day old ducklings from spring and summer of 2000 LOOK

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DON'T SKIP THESE'll miss all the goodies in there. You'll find:

*NEW* Feb 02

  • Fligt Operation. An option to standard pinioning which may be done on adult birds to keep them grounded. On links #1 under Brooding /Housing/Care on the Clipping Wing link
  • Not a new link but, this place is so wonderful I'm keeping here so no-one will miss out, come on over and visit with us. In the "Message Board" section on links #2, TPC's general waterfowl forum.

Plus the old favorites

  • Incubation, hatching, candled egg and hatching photos, other poultry sites, duck hatcheries, message boards, health, science, shipping info and supplies.
  • Learn "How To": make brooders, candlers, feeders, and more how to tips.
  • Incubator types with user comments... valued information before you purchase that bator.
  • Take a trip to the past, purchase old time merchandise you may have thought wasn't made anymore, in the general stores.

Quackers 4 U

San Diego, Ca.

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