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Quackers Candled Duck Eggs

The photos are very poor quality, shows my lack of expertise with my camera and lighting. I hope to do better next time. Some of these photos are East Indie (Bantam) eggs and some are Buff (standard size) eggs. I labeled which is which near the end of the incubation.

Day 2
Day 3 very small spider center of egg
Day 5 spider center of egg
Day 8 Small C shape left side, Can be seen swaying back and forth in the egg when candled
Day 10 Larger C shape near air space at bottom, can be seen swaying back and forth when candled
Day 10 close up
Day 12 Much larger C. Tail bottom left head bottom right. Whole body can be seen jggling when candled.
Day 14 C shape a bit more formed than day 12
Day 16 Larger C almost makes a circle
Day 18 Embryo is filling the shell. Movement and blood vessels still visable near outter edge of body
Day 21 Air cell is much larger, embryo is barely visable as it fills the shell. Some movement and blood vessles may still be seen near the outter edge of the body
Day 24 Bantam is internally pipped. Bill is in the air space bottom left. One can feel and hear the peeking on the shell.
Day 25 Standard or Day 23 Bantam. Embryo has filled the shell, it's all dark except the air space which is large no movement can be seen
Day 25 Bantam Internal pip
Day 26 Standard internal pip
Day 27 Standard internal pip. This guy is just about through the shell he's been working for about 24 hours a few more pecks and the shell will the cracked (pipped). This duck will be out and drying off in 24 to 48 hours.
Bad egg with ring Day 5
Bad egg Day 7
My Bator with the eggs about ready to hatch

See them hatching Here DAY 26 Bantams or 28 for standard ducks

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