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These ideas are money saving tips for feeders no need buying one when you may have items around the house. They are not my ideas they have been taken from message boards or copied from mail I received...If you see your idea here and would like credit for it, or would like it removed, give me a yell...THANK YOU for the use of them.

5 Gallon Bucket Feeder

Feeders/waterers made from 5 gallon buckets for bigger birds. They had holes cut in the side at whatever depth you want your feed or water to be and big enough for the bird(s) to get their head in. This setup prevented a lot of water/feed being spilled on the ground. In addition, the lid was put on the bucket and, it was hung by the handle which kept the feed dry and kept some rodents from getting to the feed. The ones I saw were made for peafowl and worked out good since they could be suspended fairly far above the ground.

Milk Jug Feeders

Holes in jugs are cut about 4-5 inches high and just shy of 10 inches long. The hole takes away probably 2/3 of the jug. We end up with an oversized bowl that has a handle and a liitle plastic to support handle.( may want to leave a little more plastic along handle to help support weight, learn as we go LOL) For the bantys they are 4-5 inches off the ground so they don't play in em'. For standard about 10 inches. My understanding is feeders and water etc, should be at middle of chickens back height wise.

Another way to do it is to just cut the top third of the jug off. I place the jugs on a four inch platform so they don't jump on it to scratch out the feed. Also, place a heavy rock in the center before filling with feed, water or shells. Our birds have used this since they came out of the brooders. No problems.


Here is a couple of photos sent to me. One is a 5 gal. bucket used to feed ducks. The other is a detergent bottle. Click on them for a larger veiw.


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