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QUACKERS LINKS #1 has moved update your book mark

Links #1 contains flock management and hatching information. Links #2 contains message boards, shipping, hatcheries, supplies, and other resource pages.

Embryo photos Types of bators/User comments
Quackers Hatch Photos Hatch photos & QT Movie
Chick Hatching Photos Great Chick Hatching Photos
Excellant Chick Hatching Photos Hatching Photos
MS StateTrouble shooting problems UC Davis Hatch trouble shooting
Duck egg how to's & hygrometer Wet bulb/Dry bulb Humidity Chart
Home made Lg-Sm incubator plans Thermometers
Blue Hen Farm, exotics Home Made Bator by Kick'n Cornish

Quackers Candled Duck Eggs Candled Egg Photos day 1-21
More Candled Egg Photos Easy Chicken candled eggs & candler
Candled eggs, beak in air space Gerry's candled eggs
Silkie's candled duck egg Make a wooden candler
Coffee can & Flash light candler Jan's Antenna Method
The Air Cell

Home made brooder w/pic Brooder Plans
EggLaying/broodiness Duck pond & plant info
Clipping Wings Quackers Care
Poultry Connection Links Poultry house requirements and plans
Feeders Peacock's Auto Drip Water Sys
Winter Tips Winter care 4 ducks "up north"
Pond/Lake management Metzer Farms feed/equipment

Approved duck meds/egg tips Avian science/embryology
U of Alberta research MBL Diseases/photos
Duck diseases/cures Duck Molting
Vet consultant Bumble foot
Poultry Parasites Genetics 4 beginners
Chicken Anatomy AAV Avian Vet finder
Feather Structure Health Articles


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