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Fernies Famous Egg Peeling Method

I've used this on just lay'd still warm fresh eggs. Works great, not a bit of white comes off with the shell !!!

Here it is, straight from Fernie...

As we all know, for peelable egggs we have had to keep back some for at least a week to make them even close to peelable....well I tryed something one day when the oldest eggs I had were only a couple of days old, since then I have also tried freshly know more than an hour or two old tops...this is the method...

Just cook the egggs the way you normally would for hardboiled, once done pour boiling water off of them, then take and run cold water over them until cool enough to handle..a couple of minutes should do it. Now take a needle or something similar...I use one of those long skewer type pins that we use to secure the stuffing inside a Turkey or Chicken..prick both ends of the eggg making sure that you pierce deep enough to come in contact with the white of the eggg. Return the egggs to cold water, add ice to the water, probably cold water would work also, but I use the ice. I wait at least twenty minutes until I start to peel them. This gives the cold water time to infiltrate between shell and membrane and eggg and membrane..seems to work beautifully.

If you pass on this bit of treasured info you must tell whoever you pass it onto they must think of me too.
LOL Fernie

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