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Quackers Hatching Duck Photos

The photos are pretty poor quality, shows my lack of expertise as a photographer. I hope to do better next time. Duck eggs can take 24-48 hours to hatch. Times listed are aprox. to this hatch, other eggs may take shorter or longer times.

External pip 24 hours after internal pip(see candle photos ) You can hear em peeping.
6-12 hours later. The duckling rests quite often between pecking a bit at the shell.
12-18 hours. The sell is hard and it's laborous to get out. The peeping intensifies as he's working free. Still resting often between breaking the shell.
24-30 hours the head is out from under the wing, it won't belong now. The duckling is very tired is breathing heavy, and rests one last time.
A couple minutes after the head is out from under the wing. The BIG push to freedom begins.. a few seconds later it's over and the duckling is hatched.
The hatchling peeps at it's new world
Stumbles to a comfy spot and takes a much needed nap.

Hatchling next day

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